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Variety is the Spice of… Fiction

One of the things I love most about writing is just how diverse and unique the process can be. It's different for every one of us. Yes, of course, there are a few universal factors. Ideas, words, pages, procrastination, and... Continue Reading →


Absence Makes the Blog Grow Duller

Firstly, let me apologise for my silence. I have been plagued by technological issues over the past few weeks. First my phone, then my laptop, and finally my car. And yes, I know that seems such a paltry excuse, coming... Continue Reading →

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Deadline?

As I have previously mentioned, I am excellent at meeting deadlines. Just not if those deadlines are self-imposed. Procrastination is a way of life after all. At the start of every week during the month of January, I told myself that... Continue Reading →

It Really is a Whole New World

In my opinion, one of the greatest things about writing fantasy (or science fiction), is the world building. Sitting down in front of an empty screen, or blank page, if you prefer to write by hand, and creating your own... Continue Reading →

Blogging is Hard, Read Books Instead

I have been trying to write a post for three days now. But every time I log in, or sit down to write, I get distracted by all the other aspects of blogging. Productive procrastination has always been a favourite... Continue Reading →

Update on My Last Update

Now, when I wrote that last update, I had every intention of following through with my promise to read, and review the first Lord of the Rings book. And I will. Eventually. I've just been distracted, by the Lifeline bookfest, my... Continue Reading →

Lifeline Bookfest

So this weekend, both my reading and my writing have fallen by the wayside. I was supposed to be finishing my edits, and reading The Fellowship of the Ring for a review. Instead, I spent my time walking through one of Australia's... Continue Reading →

Update: My Next Review

*This post is going to be very short, just a quick update on what I am doing.*   For my next post, I intend to write a review. I did actually begin reading The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon to... Continue Reading →

Characters: Talking to the Voices Inside My Head

Characters are, undoubtedly, the cornerstone of every great story. They can make, or break your book. But what about the plot, I hear you ask. Surely that is the most important part. Well, I suppose that is just a matter... Continue Reading →

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