As I have previously mentioned, I am excellent at meeting deadlines. Just not if those deadlines are self-imposed. Procrastination is a way of life after all.

At the start of every week during the month of January, I told myself that I would have my re-writes done by Friday. And every week I even went so far as to write this ‘due date’ on my calendar. And every week, Saturday rolls around and I realise that I have not come close to meeting this deadline.

I blame this entirely on my own lack of self-control, and on ‘Jane the Virgin’. I have been physically unable to tear myself away from this show for a while now, binge watching it every chance I get. For those of you who don’t watch the show, I will just say that you should, and that Petra is life. I love that woman, and if I were rich enough to catch her attention, I would marry her myself.

And, maybe reading has been getting in the way as well.

I recently discovered the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling, and I can’t get enough. It is far more addictive than Jane the Virgin. Because Petra may be life, but Alec and Seregil are everything. And I will not stop until those two stupid boys admit their undying love for each other!

But, I digress…

I have recently been appointed a real deadline.

I asked a very good friend of mine to read my first chapter after I finished my re-writes. And by re-writes I actually mean ‘completely re-writing the book from the start because I decided to: start writing in the third person, add another character’s POV, and change a fundamental part of my main character’s identity’.

After procrastinating over the re-writes, this very good friend decided to give me a deadline, because she knows how much I love them. And how well I respond to them.

Now I must have this first chapter finished by next Wednesday, which happens to be her birthday. Meaning, if I don’t have it finished, not only would I be missing a set deadline, I would be disappointing one of my favourite people in the whole world. And that is just not okay.

Since receiving this deadline, I have continued to binge watch Jane the Virgin, and I started reading book two of the Nightrunner series. And still, I have gotten more work done in the past two days than I did in the entire month of January.

So, I will not be giving my friend Chapter One for her birthday.

No. I will be giving her Chapter One and Chapter Two.

Behold, the almighty power of the deadline.