In my opinion, one of the greatest things about writing fantasy (or science fiction), is the world building.

Sitting down in front of an empty screen, or blank page, if you prefer to write by hand, and creating your own reality. Really, it’s kind of amazing. The ability to create a better world. Or, you can just create a world that makes you feel better about living in this one.

Because sure, we have racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, and people who hunt for fun. But, at least we don’t have, say: truck sized cockroaches, with bat wings, scorpion tails, and three rows of razor sharp teeth dripping with a necrotic venom. That also happen to crave human flesh. Really, compared to that this reality doesn’t seem so terrible. Right?

As for me, I chose to take the first option. I chose to write a better world, a world I would like to live in. A world of magic, beauty, and adventure.

A world without prejudice.

Of course, I then realised how unrealistic it is to have a whole world without prejudice. As much as you may wish differently, people are people. Whether those people are human, lycanthrope, alien, or fae. There will always be prejudice, bigotry, and hatred.

But this is my world.

So I chose to eliminate prejudice based on gender, sexuality, race, or religion. I chose to create a world where women can express their sexuality without judgement, where they can be warriors. Where men can be gentle and emotional. Where biological sex, and gender are known to be two completely different things. Where love is love. Where religious beliefs are respected by others. And where skin colour designates only where you’re from, and nothing more.

In my world, prejudice is based on the strength of your magic. And, to a lesser extent, species. Mostly because magic strength varies by species. But, also because human beings truly are the oddest creatures of all. I think the events of the past few weeks, in a certain country that shall remain nameless, has proven that fact.

Maybe, this isn’t a world that appeals to you. Maybe you like your reality with a little more realism. And a little less idealism, or liberalism? Either way, it is completely fine.

That is the beauty of writing fantasy, or science fiction, or fiction in general, after all.

The only limits to what you can create is your own imagination, and determination.