Now, when I wrote that last update, I had every intention of following through with my promise to read, and review the first Lord of the Rings book. And I will. Eventually.

I’ve just been distracted, by the Lifeline bookfest, my own writing, and by other books. It’s not my fault really. I blame Jennifer Armentrout, for posting on social media about a sale on the e-book version of Oblivion (the first three stories of her Lux series, re-written from the male love interest Daemon Black’s point of view). The sale wasn’t quite as good on the AU version of Amazon, but, I wanted it. So I bought it.

Although I claim that fantasy and urban fantasy are my favourite genres, I also have a love affair with Young Adult. I loved the Lux series, and Daemon is one of my ultimate “book boyfriends”. The others including: Rhysand, Adam Hauptman, Charles Cornick, Valek, Clayton Danvers, Dorian Havillard, Rowan Whitethorn, Dorian (from the Thorn Queen series), Dimitri Belikov, Eric Northman.

So, in amongst buying new books, I have been re-reading the Lux series. From both Katy’s and Daemon’s POV. The language can get a little cringey at times, i.e. “awesomesauce”, but I love it. Possibly because dark haired, kickass, sass-filled fictional men have always been my downfall.

The entirety of the Lux series, in between the only bookends I own. Books 3 (Opal) and 4 (Origin) are combined into the Consequences omnibus.

Once I finish the series, I promise I will try very hard to get back to the Lord of the Rings. But, the thing is, I find it very difficult to sit down and read a book if I’m being forced to do so. That is what made high-school English so difficult.

Yes,  yes. I know. It is not as though I am really being forced to read the Fellowship of the Ring. I’m the one who said I would read it, so I can un-say it, right? Wrong. In my world, if I say I’m definitely, 100% going to do something, I do it. Unless of course, if I have some kind of excellent excuse. Work/family/friendship commitments, financial issues, illness or injury, and so on and so forth. That is why I so often say ‘maybe’, or ‘we’ll see’, or just make noncommittal noises. Because I really do not like to break my word.

So, I will eventually get around to finishing the book. And telling the world how I felt about it. Though I’m sure that could be dangerous for me, if my opinion is less than favourable. It may just take some time.

Until then, I will try to be more active with my blog posts.

Though, I won’t make any promises.