*This post is going to be very short, just a quick update on what I am doing.*


For my next post, I intend to write a review. I did actually begin reading The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon to review. Eleven pages in, and I am thoroughly enjoying the book.

But, I have been forced to put that book down.

Because recently it occurred totolkein me, how can I really call myself a ‘fantasy lover’, if I have never read the classic novels in my genre? Specifically, Tolkien. Although I own the first two Lord of the Rings novels, I haven’t yet gotten around to reading either of them. I actually got them from my mother, who picked them up on a whim while on holiday when she ran out of books to read, but never finished them.
I have read excerpts, of course, but I have never once sat down and read an entire Tolkien novel.

So, I decided to set Samantha Shannon aside for now, despite how intrigued I was by the first few pages. I will finally stop procrastinating, and read the series that originally served to popularise my favourite genre.

Then I will write a review, to let you all know how felt about The Fellowship of the Ring. And try not to offend too many people in the process.

Wish me luck!