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Why I Started a Blog.

I spent four years studying psychology. For every minute of those four years I knew exactly where I was going. I would get good grades, I would complete my honours year, go on to post-graduate study, and become a clinical... Continue Reading →

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Pursuit of Passion

Recently, I began a postgraduate program in writing, editing, and publishing. I know, just one more thing to take my time away from my poor neglected blog. But alas, there are only limited hours in the day, and far too... Continue Reading →

Adaptation Agony: Complaint From a Disgruntled Reader

Okay, first things first. I know I have been inactive for an inexcusably long time. And I am not going to bother with excuses, because I would simply be recycling the same old reasons I've given before. Reading, writing, working,... Continue Reading →

How This Writer Battles the Block

Warning. This post isn’t going to be ground-breaking. I am not going to say something profound. Nor will I be giving out sage, life-changing advice. So, if you are reading this, in the hopes that I will share something amazing,... Continue Reading →

A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas

Before we get into the actual review, I do have an important caveat that needs mentioning. This is the third time I have read this book, and I have also read the second book in the series three times. I... Continue Reading →

Hungover but Happy

No, I did not spend last night drinking until the small hours. In fact, the glass of wine that I am about to have is the first drop of alcohol I've had all week. Shocking I know. Wine, like coffee,... Continue Reading →

First vs. Third: Heavyweight Championship

It's the fight of the century. An integral battle for the aspiring author. The outcome of which, has major repercussions for the tone of any potential novel. It's the smack down between First and Third person narrative. Or, at least... Continue Reading →

A Little Written Ramble

Hello all! I've done it again. I have neglected my blog for weeks. And now I'm back, out of nowhere, without even having the decency to lie and make up a good excuse for my behaviour. Because in all honesty,... Continue Reading →

The Fellowship of the Ring – J. R. R. Tolkien

It was a long and perilous journey. Fraught with annoyance, disinterest, and dare I say it, boredom. And though there were brief moments of entertainment and fascination, at times it seemed as though it would never end. That I would not make it... Continue Reading →

Feedback Makes the World a Beta Place

Should I share my work now, or wait until it is finished? This is the question I have been struggling with for a while now. I am sure that this quandary of mine must affect most, if not all, of... Continue Reading →

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